07 February 2013

Put a lid on it eye primer

This last month in my burch box  I received this little sample of eye primer. I have never been much for primer because I guess it is just another step to the make up process. But I though I am going to try this out, and put it to the test!

Can you tell what side I used it on? Yup I used it on my right side and was impressed! I like to use this Bobby Brown pallet, and one of the dark browns I use as eyeliner, but it never stays on longer than a half an hour! With the primer it stayed put for most of the day! I was pretty excited! I know most of you probably already use primer and know this, but I just had not come across one that really made a difference to me. Do you have any that you love? 

1 comment:

Mia Maree said...

I'm so glad you gave a review about this product! I am looking for a new primer and I'm not crazy about my Urban Decay one. Thank you!


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