13 February 2013

My new black doors!

Hello there! Well I got two doors painted.. I am loving them! They add just a bit of fun a sassiness ! I want to paint my front door black but it is pretty cold here right now so hopefully this weekend  can get to that when the weather is warmer, that is if I am not sick in bed..the boys have been sick all week and they NEVER get sick. Lol so I guess we are do..but I feel it coming on today despite my efforts . Ahh well. So what you think? Yes? I think I am needing some more light in this picture!


I also did my pantry door. I have  black in my granite counter tops, so I thought it would jazz up the kitchen a little bit! Yes? at least now they wont look so dirty! Hopefully


Only five more to go!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

1 comment:

Lulu Soler said...

Love the paint color change! Just had our bedroom painted & it's so lovely! Have a wonderful weekend Brooke!

xo Lulu

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