15 February 2013

When you build your house , call me home...

Hi Girls! So glad it's Friday! We have been sick all week , so I am hoping for a better weekend and week next time around! I wanted to share this awesome sweater I just got from Urban Outfitters on clearance! It is the softest most mushy, comfy ,warm sweater I have ever had! I am so glad I grabbed it because I will be wearing it with a lot of outfits! I even have been wearing it with skirts and booties  and looove it! I will show you more of that soon!

And yes that would be my new Fleet Wood Mac Rumors t shirt that I got at Urban outfitters too! I LOVE Fleet wood Mac and was so excited to get a cool t-shirt! I think my favorite song would be Sara.." drownin in the sea of love where everyone would love to drown but now it's gone, it doesn't matter what for. So when you build your house , then call me home." 
We grew up listening to them every year we would go to Lake Powell on a house boat for a week, and we would listen to them all week long....

Sweater, shirt: Urban outfitters, Jeans: American Eagle, Booties: Anthropology

Then I decided to do little black tips on my nails at the spur of the moment.. like I said it has been a crazy week! Hope you are staying warm and have a awesome weekend!


Sarah Boast said...

Hi Brooke, thanks for your comment on my blog. I would love to follow each other! I really love this post, and especially the tshirt. I haven't properly listened to fleetwood mac but I want to buy some of their records soon. This post has made me want to hear them more!
Have a great day, Sarah x


terrileanne x said...

Such a lovely outfit xx

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Brooke G said...

Thanks! Hope you girls have a sweet weekend!

Deanne Castro said...

Loving the casual-chic look! Cute french mani!

Please check out my blog, I would love to hear what you think of my latest post!



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