19 February 2013

Our new electric fireplace from.....Big lots?

Hi there! Yup Jeremy and I are now the proud owners of a new electric fireplace, and our toes are a lot warmer if I do say so myself! I was strolling through big lots in November and stumbled upon it. I remember thinking what?? Whoa! Where did you come from? Seriously Big Lots!?

We have been here for ten years now and I have looked on and off for a fireplace to go in this spot but could never find anything that I liked. I wanted something that had stone on it too. Cracks me up..I never go into Big Lots. It's just one of those stores that makes me feel really dirty.. haha

Vase and candle stand :Target

Here is the view from the kitchen. I suppose I need to take those pictures down that are above it. Just not too sure what to put there. I would really love one of those big bronze looking starburst mirrors. But that means I have to change the wall behind the chair.. and of course the mirror that I found is only $400 beans..(I know I need a bigger table behind the sofa..)

So I was thinking maybe this pictures that is hanging in my office? What do you think? I really would love to use something that I already have and not spend money. But now I am thinking this picture would look cool above my bed.. stink 
They did have a lot to choose from. I was really surprised! And now is the time to snag one if you are in the need because mine was on sale and because it was a floor model they gave it to me for and extra 10% off! So what do you think? Do you like?

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