21 February 2013

What I have learned lately about coconut oil..

I have the dryest skin.. I can remember putting on lotion every time I got out of the water since i was ten or so. But I guess that it does not help out at all when you live in Colorado and you take almost nightly hot baths. So about a year ago or so I was trying to think of other ways to moisturize my skin in a healthy non chemical way. Boy! some of the stuff in lotion I can't even pronounce and I am rubbin it all over me?
So anyways I started putting olive oil in my bath water at night and found that it did help keep my skin from getting too dry. Then a couple of weeks ago I was sitting there looking at my coconut oil thinking what if I put this in my bath water? Hey! What if I shave with it? Then I got really crazy and decided to put it in my hair and sleep in it for a night. My scalp has really been hurting lately. So I figure that is due to the winter dryness. It even says on the back of the jar that you can use it on your hair..I missed that
I have to say I love it in my bath water now and also put it in the kids bath water too for their skin. I have not not been using much lotion at all. And shaving with it is great! I don't even have to put lotion on after! LOVE IT! I even did a little research on the internet and found out that it is great for your hair and scalp. Your skin loves it. Great for cooking.It even has some natural SPF in it. So go get yourself some coconut oil! Hope you are having a great Thursday!


Meggan Morehead said...

Love coconut oil! The best lotion you can get!

Brooke G said...

thanks for stopping by! So glad I figures that one out!

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