14 May 2012

Girls night out and flowers

  Friday night myself and some of my girlfriends decided to get ourselves together! We don't do it that often maybe only a couple times a year which is probably a good thing..I am getting too old for this! Ha ha! Next time I will be bringing my uber cool water bottle with a lemon to make it fancy smancy.. Besides that I am the worst light weight ever!  But it was much needed! Oh and I found out too Blair that evidently the blond here I am hanging out with her name is Kristy, and her husband met you one time back in the day I guess when you meet up with us at a party with your boyfriend.. he told Kristy "oh yup I am in love!!" He was totally crushing on you!! Lol! What isn't that like at least three now?What is it with you blonde's??? LOL!
 Then the next day I received these beautiful gorgeous flowers from my moma! She always sends me the prettiest flowers! I think I need to start a little book of flowers that she sends me.. love you mom! And yes it took me the whole weekend to recover..

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