05 May 2012

Vegas baby

Oh Vegas...how I won't mind if I don't see you again for a long time:) Seems like we have been there alot in the last couple of years.We had a nice time though. We stayed at the nicest place yet at Mandalay Bay. Great pools, great nice big room and really comfy bed..so I was good. I will definitely want to go stay there again .Jeremy finally got a little bit of sun (white boy) and  got to hang in the lazy river with Jamison. Oh!! and I got to hang out in the beautiful spa! I did not get any services because they were so stinking expensive! $150 for a 50 min massage?? Or $115 for a pedicure??? Yikes! I just couldn't do it! So I used up their hot pools as much as possible..but then naked people started getting in..so I got out of there! Ha ha! We could not do alot with Jamison though..no show, they would not let him in the  expo which is why we went ...work trip for Jeremy, and I got kicked out of the spa for having him hang with me in there..not a very baby friendly trip. Soooo I guess next time we go I will just have to be all hoity toity and bring with us a nanny! But I am hoping next time will be just the two of us!  Jamison was just great and everyone stops to talk to him. I realized too that I need to get some sort of tattoo for Jeremy..girls are always hitting on him lol! Girls wanting to take him to parties..oh sure! Can my baby come?? Ha ha . It was a nice little get away with great food, family and great shopping!!

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