10 May 2012

The best cookies eva!!

  I decided it was high time I get my self together and make some cookie for the kiddos. So I ran over to Home Goods to grab a new cookie sheet .I Have this recipe that is suppose to be the stinkin best cookie, get in my belly cookies you have ever had!  SO I made them. But you have to put the dough in the fridge for 36 hours. So you gotta wait! I will totally share too.. :)But they are good and I think the kids have approved them and well me too.Tessa gave me a thumbs up!
You can tell from the pics that Ben took of me on my phone.He brought me home this flower today.I am so stinkin exhausted that it's funny..no sleep for my little bear jam last night..  you can get the recipe at this website forme-foryou.com

Love Brooke

1 comment:

His Little Lady said...

oh goodness, those cookies look absolutely delicious! and so big! just the right proportion ;)
xo TJ

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