24 May 2012

In a hair rut...

This is my favorite! I think I will try this this summer!
  I need to really do something with my hair..Is it just summer or does everyone go through this?To color or not to color. To cut or not to. I generally like to do fun stuff with my hair. In October I did pink highlights underneath my hair so it just peaked out here and there. It was really fun but did fade quickly. I am always in some kind of indecision about my bangs..should I grow them out or do bangs?? Bangs are alot of up keep and they grow fast! My hair grows really fast . It is hard too to find someone to cut them just right. I did learn though that you need to ask them to round your bangs if you want them more like this Bridget Bardot pic . More layered look. If you do not say that then they will just cut them stright across . Not a look I like espically becausse it makes me look like I am 15! Ha ha. But since I have a thin face maybe it makes better sense? I do love though to not have bangs because I can just through my hair back and it is no biggie.  Being a mom of three you need easy hair most days. Oh hair you drive me nuts! ! I am loving that ombre color highlights! I think maybe in July I will be doing something fun ! I will keep ya posted! I have  found some cool pics on pinterest..one I especially love

I have loved pink hair ever since racheal Mcadams did this some years ago! I have always loved her!

Brooke xo

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