15 May 2012

Our white box got some knobs..

   I have to say we really like our new entertainment center! It gives us so much more storage for the kids, and it really fills up some wall space in our living room. We were really wanting to try something from Ikea, so we went for it! The price was right, and it was way better than spending three to four thousand dollars on one! So I ran over to Target and got some little bronze knobs on clearance that only cost me about $13 for all twelve of them! Score! I think it made a huge difference! Seemed to make it warmer. I also changed the mirror to  the two sun mirrors also from target. I think I need a lamp in there now, just not sure what to put there, probably some new pillows for the chair too..
  We are really excited to maybe being able to completely redo the back yard! I had a professional  landscaper come by last week to design the whole thing for us, it was so much fun! So we are just waiting now for the bid to come in...so we shall see how that goes. He told us he thought it would be best to rip up our grass and put new grass in because it is so bad there is no saving it. Evidently the field in front of the house blows seeds and stuff into our grass and stuff just starts growing and spreading, so we are going to have to be on top of that better. But we will be putting less in.. She put in about 100 new perennials and bushes! It will be beautiful! What do you think?? We really would love to have a great little place for the kids to play, and nice grass, somewhere for momma to go suntan... maybe we will just do a little at a time? Who knows ,but I would really love to just get her done! Knock it out! One less project to have on the list..love you guys have a great day!

Love Brooke

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