29 May 2012

Well we had a really nice lazy 3 day weekend! We did nothing really except we did shop a little on saturday and do some breakfast at the Silver grill..so stinkin good! I started reading a new book called The Language of flowers. I am really liking it! Jamison has been fussy with at least four teeth coming in. Ben was cracking us up all weekend about food. The boy wants to eat! Every time we were out in about he would start talking about this resturant or this place just naming off all this food that he wanted to eat for dinner or the next day. It was too funny! You just had to be here. He must be going through a growth spurt.. Tessa well she hung out with grandma a little bit. She is just too cute! She has a cute sense of style! She is so cute ,funky,funny... I am excited too because we are getting our bathroom done next week so I will be getting things together for that this week. I am so indecisive about it...but I will keep ya posted.

Brooke xo

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