27 May 2012

A rainy day moma style

  It has been a dreary day here today. You know one of those days where you just want to lay in bed all day and watch great movies and do nothing. I got absolutely nothing done! And the day seemed to just speed by. But I am almost done with the Hunger Games.. yikes! did not see that coming! Ha ha . I won't give it away..The kids had their field day today and now they are at grandmas for the night which is good for us because jeremy had  medical stuff today going on and he needs to lay low. So I guess it will be a movie weekend! Hopefully we can get to a movie! Here are some pics for ya with my favorite sweat shirt dreary kinda day top. I love it! Even the color makes me feel better and cozy too! I was actually going to do a little review on Kohl's jeans.. I got a whole cute outfit going out with the girls outfit, but I can't seem to find them! I have been selling clothes the last couple of days..did I sell them maybe?? Would not surprise me, I have been so exhausted! But I did find some stellar jeans at the consignment store for only $25 beans! Citizens of humanity too! Pretty soon I am going to have to find little tooth pics to keep my eye lids open..  Drive home safely Blair! See ya soon
Top is from J Crew outlet
Brooke xo

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